Every now and then we come across an article or news item that is relevant to many of our clients.  We will post them here.  Check below.

Our office has moved!

2022 continues to be a year of change of us and our firm. First, Trish Baynes was added as Associate Partner in 2021 and we changed our firm name to Fries & Baynes. Now, we have moved into a new office. Same building, just up to second floor. Come visit us. Visit our Contact page for our new address.

Underused Housing Tax

In efforts to address the national housing crisis, there were numerous tax changes affecting real estate. The first change is the implementation of a new tax affecting residential real estate owners.  Make sure you are onside as the penalties for not filing are steep.

Changes to the “Notice to Reader” – New Standards for Compilation Engagements

Effective December 14, 2021, there are new standards for compiled financial information. Your financial statements will look similar, but there will be some changes. Please read the attached briefing to learn more.

If you are a third party receiving financial information or if you provide your own financial statements to any third parties like lenders, these changes will impact them as well. Please read the attached briefing to learn more.